About Kern River Co-op

     Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative (coming soon) is located in Lake Isabella, California along The Pacific Crest Trail, among the majestic Sequoia National Forest.  We’re currently seeking a storefront (at a convenient location for both trail hikers and the community).

Note: We were recently robbed, so our plan to establish Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative is currently delayed.  Read the full story .

Products & Services We Plan to Offer:

Our Commitments:

    We have 4 big commitments which “set the tone” for the tone of our organization’s character so that the “Wildharvesting Cooperative” may be established in many other places in order to create “wildfire-preventing, renewable production-based economies” everywhere:

How We’re Organized:

We’re technically A Peaceable Assembly of Civilians” operating under The First Amendment in order to model a  national plan we believe in.  Eventually, after we get all the finer details hammered out, we plan to convert into a commercial “cooperative” business model.

We’re seeking to model the first “Wildharvesting Cooperative” in the nation, & what we’re doing will be broadcast throughout this website, www.WildWillpower.organd WildLivingSkills.org (in making) in order to help others replicate our successes & learn with us as we move forward.  For products which are currently not approved by the USDA or FDA, as a “peaceable assembly of Civilians” we will be able to produce the goods & then work to get the necessary studies done to get these products approved.To join the movement, contact us.

Sitting Bull put minds togetherThank you Pinner for this wonderful Sitting Bull commemorative quote!

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8 x 11 Coop Flier w pulltabs

8 x 11 Coop Flier w pulltabs

Please take a moment to read & sign our National Petitions on www.WildWillpower.org.  Campaign contributions to Wild Willpower PAC aid in the continued development of The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App on www.WildLivingSkills.org, & also in garnering resources to create greater community involvement & benefit.