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We’re located at Earth Church in Lake Isabella, California among the Kern River Valley, where the The Sequoia National Forest merges with the The Mohave Desert, about 4 miles off The Pacific Crest Trail:

Lake Isabella Map

If you’re interested in joining, we have a few rules:

1.)  “Do Unto Others As You’d Have Done Unto You.”  Be considerate, don’t steal, clean up after yourself, & do your best.

2.)  Harvest more than you consume:  we’re a wildharvesting cooperative!  Our initial goal is to live sustainably– that means going out & harvesting wild food & herbs every day, & integrating them into our own lives until we are “producing enough for ourselves, & then eventually producing surplus”.

3.)  Read through all the websites so you know what we’re doing & why:  we’re constantly updating them:,,,,, &

4.)  Be prepared to bring a photocopy of your California State I.D.  This is for your protection!!  If someone shows up by the name “Dinosaur”, & all of the sudden a bunch of our stuff is stolen, what would we tell the Sheriff?  We don’t want to become a den for thieves.

5.)  No meth.  No heroin.  Occasional beer is fine, but this isn’t a place for people to come & feed addictions.  Our goal is to live closer with nature & our surrounding ecosystem & help feed ourselves & others.  You can sunbathe in the nude– we don’t mind that at all.  We’re a respectful & relaxed crowd.

Things to do while here:

If you like what we’re doing & are interested in joining, please contact us at:



Also, campaign contributions are very appreciated during this developmental state we’re currently in:

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